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22/04/2014 -
SMS Donations are working properly!
SMS Donations are working properly!
21/04/2014 -
Now you can play freely without any problem
Now you can play freely without any problem
21/04/2014 -
Welcome to Global Server 10.37! Enjoy!
Welcome to Global Server 10.37! Enjoy!
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Global Tibia Server Fan Page
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Most powerfull guilds


22 kills

Los Nuevos

3 kills

Old School

2 kills
Welcome to Global
Last joined us: Reikem, player number 418. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Seduxion Relahao (215). Congratulations!
Free Houses: 959
Rented Houses: 16
Accounts in Server: 220
Players in Server: 264
Banned accounts:
Guilds in Server: 4
Apr 04 2014 -
Welcome to Global Tibia Server 10.37!

Welcome Global Tibia Server 10.37!

Client and Joining Information:
Client: 10.37 (IP Changer and Client can be found on our website).
Create you account here:

Hosting Information:
VPS hosting location: USA.
RAM: 12gb
Internet Speed: Unlimited

Experience rate: Stages
Skill Rate: 20x.
Magic Rate: 15x.
Loot Rate: 4x.
Spawn Rate: 3x

Experiencie Stages:
From level 1 to level 50... Experiencie: 100x
From level 51 to level 100 level ... Experiencie: 50x
From level 101 to level 150 level... Experiencie: 20x
From level 151 to level 200 level... Experiencie: 10x
From level 201 to level 250 level... Experiencie: 7x
From level 251 to level 300 level... Experiencie: 5x
From level 301 to level 351 level... Experiencie: 3x
From level 351+ ... Experiencie: 2x

Basic Information:
*No Edited Items
*Balanced Spells and Vocations (Less cooldown and fast regeneration)
*Addons by Items like tibia real (Its more easier here, faster to get them)
*Balanced PVP System
*Protection until level 50
*Rewards for reaching levels: 20, 50, 75 and 100.
*Guild War System and Guild Points
*Djinns and Rashid in Thais Library
*All Quest like Tibia Real (Some quest doesn't need large missions)
*Warzone 100% (Doesn't need missions to do it, just the team to enter Wz)
*Full Roshamuul 100% (All monsters, loot and cities)
*All 10.37 mounts working and like tibia real
*All 10.37 outfits working and like tibia real
*Servants Tasks working 100%
*Killing in the name of.. (Grizzly Adams) working 100%
*Arena Svargrond 100% Tibia Real
*Automatic Raids 100% Tibia Real
*Advanced Report System when you find bugs
*Free Premmium and traveling to cities.
*Offline Training like tibia real 100%
*Daily Server Saves at 24:00 pm

Facebook Fan Page: RealTech Co.
Join us and start your adventure!

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